NYC photographic artist who is reconstructing reality


About Paul Morris

New York City-based artist Paul Morris graduated from Parsons School of Design in 1997, and currently specializes in works juxtaposing original photography and graphic design. His large-scale patterns capture and restructure elements discovered in urban landscapes to create innovative perspectives on objects found in everyday life.

Artist's Inspiration


Paul experienced a significant life-changing event and what ensued was the creation of what at times feels like a pseudo reality. His art is a reflection of the disparate aspects of his life and his attempt to synthesize them. 

The process of creating his art involves putting two complimentary images together that create a sense of balance. The core/middle piece is intended to bind in a vibrant way the two disparate aspects of the piece.

Upon establishing both the balance and the cohesiveness of the halves, he is able to establish that he has manipulated the images to his satisfaction.

Hence the piece is finished.

● 2017 — Elle Decor & Roberto Coin, Saks Fifth Avenue, New York, NY.
● 2017 — Art Takes Manhattan, Robert Miller Gallery, New York, NY.
● 2016 — False Mirror, Maison Ten Gallery, New York, NY.
● 2016 — Art Takes Manhattan, Caelum Gallery, New York, NY.
● 2016 — Two Mirrors, Elmo, New York, NY.

● 2017 — Elle Decor — New York, NY
● 2017 — Average Arts — London, UK
● 2016 — W42ST — New York, NY.
● 2016 — Red Hook Water Stories — New York, NY.

1997 — BFA, Parsons School of Design